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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies

2018, Vol. 6, Issue 2, Part C
Assessment of conservation status and threatening factors of medicinal plant species in Harari Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia

Yeneayehu Fenethun and Girma Eshetu

The study was carried out from July - October, 2016 in Harari regional state eastern Ethiopia. Data were collected using questionnaires, semi- structured interviews and focal group discussion. Furthermore, field observation based on a checklist was used. A total of 90 respondents were selected and from this 70 of them were selected by using simple random sampling technique reaming 20 respondents were as key informants that were selected from regional agricultural office, environmental office and cultural and tourism office by using purposive sampling techniques. The Priority percentage ranking was done based on the level of destructive effects of each threatening factor collecting from the total respondents. A total of thirteen (13) different threaten factors were identified from the present finding and from this most of them (7) raised during focal group discussion and percentage ranking were done for the factors that obtained from questionnaires and individual interviews. Around 34% of the respondents were responded that agriculture expansion was the main threaten factor for the loss of medicinal plants. Next to this lack of awareness or conservation practice, modernization, construction, road expansion and invasive species were the other threatening factors responded by (20%, 18%, 11%, 9%, and 8%) of the respondents respectively. And the reaming factors also should be under consideration. Finally we recommend that concerned bodies as well as the whole society should have to make action and awareness creation should be done to conserve the endangered medicinal plant resources.
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Yeneayehu Fenethun and Girma Eshetu. Assessment of conservation status and threatening factors of medicinal plant species in Harari Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia. Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies. 2018; 6(2): 162-165.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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