Journal of Medicinal Plants and Studies


Volume 1, Issue 6


Phytochemical screening to validate the ethnobotanical importance of root   tubers of Dioscorea species of Meghalaya, North East India

Author(s): Nilofer Sheikh1*, Yogendra Kumar1, A.K.Misra1, Lokho Pfoze

Abstract: Qualitative phytochemical analysis was done in root tubers of six species of Dioscorea found in Meghalaya. The test confirms the presence of various phytochemicals like flavonoids, saponins, steroids, cardiac glycosides and terpenoids in two aqueous extracts of methanol and ethyl acetate. The results suggest that the methanolic extract shows the presence of maximum phytochemical compounds than ethyl acetate extract during screening. Cholesterol and alkaloid was not detected in present investigation.

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The dry, wet, and scrub jungles at Madayipara hillock

Fig: D. alata, D. bulbifera, D. glabra


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