Journal of Medicinal Plants and Studies


Volume 2, Issue 1


Studies the Role of Aloe Vera Extract In Prevention of Cadmium Induced Pathogenicity in Thymus of Albino Rat

Author(s): Shikha Sharma, M.K.Agarwal

Abstract: The present study is focused on the Aloe Vera extract in prevention of Cadmium induced Pathogenicity in the thymus. The healthy rats of both sexes were divided into 4 groups. Chronic exposures to Cadmium Chloride produce marked histological alteration in thymus both at cellular and subcellular level.
Chronic exposure of Cadmium Chloride induced atrophy of thymus with decreased corticomedullary ratio. The lymphocyte population showed reduction and mesenchymal reticular cell were present dominantly. In most, the nuclear material was disintegrate and scattered all over the nuclear area and most of the Cytoplasmic Organelles were damaged. The thymus of rats given with the Aloe Vera extract only showed better histological details in comparison of control group. Aloe extract given along cadmium chloride significantly subsided the severity of pathogenicity and cell organelles showed regenerative changes.

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