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2014, Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part A

Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants & self-help group: a key to sustainable development

Nandadulal Sannigrahi

Indigenous traditional knowledge is the treasure of non-documented as well as verbal knowledge transmitted from generation after generation and reared by the tribal people in general and belongs to the forest, ferny floor of red lateritic soil of Purulia district in W.B. in particular. Sustainable development is the concept of development making a room for the development of future generation, fulfilling the reasonable demand of present and existing population. Health is one of the important socio-economic components that is essential to maintain a stable population. The 3rd generation medicine is comprising a good number of high cost medicinal attributes associated with the economy of multinational companies and the people belongs to below the poverty line and marginal people become the worst affected. The traditional knowledge with respect to health practices is eco-friendly with low side effects as well as low cost. The present paper is an effort of an attempt to explore the traditional knowledge reared by the different groups of the tribal population of Purulia district of W.B. Sustainable development wants to make a space for the development of future generation mitigating the reasonable need of the existing population. This paper will able to draw the attention of the masses as par as the ethno-medicinal value is concerned along with to draw the need for conservation of these valuable plants which are now on the verge of extinction due to industrialization, urbanization and random implementation of concrete jungles to meet up the urge of market economy as well as the greed of humans.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Nandadulal Sannigrahi. Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants & self-help group: a key to sustainable development. J Med Plants Stud 2014;2(3):14-24.
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