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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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P-ISSN: 2394-0530, E-ISSN: 2320-3862

2015, Vol. 3, Issue 5, Part C

Ethno-pharmacological potentialities of some ornamental plants in the family Bignoniaceae
Tecomaria capensis (Thunb.) Spach.
Fig.: Tecomaria capensis (Thunb.) Spach.
Tecoma stans (L.) Kunth.
Fig.: Tecoma stans (L.) Kunth.
Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) DC.
Fig.: Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) DC.
Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv.
Fig.: Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv.
Pyrostegia venusta (Ker-Gawl) Miers
Fig.: Pyrostegia venusta (Ker-Gawl) Miers
Millingtonia hortensis L.
Fig.: Millingtonia hortensis L.
Mansoa alliace Miers.
Fig.: Mansoa alliace Miers.
Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth.
Fig.: Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth.
Jacaranda mimosifolia D.Don.
Fig.: Jacaranda mimosifolia D.Don.
Crescentia cujete L.
Fig.: Crescentia cujete L.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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