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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies

2016, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part A
Recent study on aquatic monocots of Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Prameela R, Venkaiah M

Vizianagaram district, one of the northern districts of Andhra Pradesh lies on the East Coast of India. The district is located between 17o-151-- 19o-151 N and 83o-001--83o-451 E. Agriculture is the principle occupation of the people of this district. Geographically Vizianagaram district divided in to 3 regions. i.e 1) The hilly region 2) The plains 3) The coastal. The present study is about the Aquatic monocots of the Vizianagaram district. The plains cover major part of the district and within the network of the perennial rivers like Nagavali, Janjavathi, Suvarnamukhi, Vagavathi, Vattigedda, Champavathi and Gosthani. The tanks at Vizianagaram, Bondapalli (near Gajapathinagam), Lakkavarapukota, Bobbili, Parvathipuram, Venkamma peta (near Makkuva), Chinamerangi road, Seemalaguda road, Bhiripuram (Annamma cheruvu) and reservoirs at Vattigedda and Tatipudi. The aquatic monocots are divided into 5 categories on the basis of ecological classification namely free floating (Lemna, Pistia, Spirodela), Submerged but not rooted (Hydrilla, Najas, Potamogeton), Submerged and rooted (Ottelia, Vallisneria) Floating but rooted (Aponogeton, Sagittaria, Tenagocharis) and Marginal emergent hydrophytes (Typha).
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Prameela R, Venkaiah M. Recent study on aquatic monocots of Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh, India. J Med Plants Stud 2016;4(2):01-04.
Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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