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P-ISSN: 2394-0530, E-ISSN: 2320-3862

2017, Vol. 5, Issue 3, Part C

Effect of different carbon sources on in vitro regeneration of Brahmi Bacopa monnieri (L.) An important memory vitalizer

Preeti Srivastava, Kavindra Nath Tiwari and Gaurava Srivastava

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is an important medhyarasayan plant and it is widely used in Indian traditional system of medicine for the improvement of memory/brain function. This medicinal herb is exploited from the wild population all over world so there is need to develop the in vitro protocol for the mass multiplication under various conditions and its conservation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has a long time ago listed B. monnieri as a threatened species.
MS medium containing 8.9 μM BA was found most suitable for induction of high frequency shoot buds from different explants e.g., leaf and node. We had evaluated different concentration range (0.5-10%) of different carbon sources (sucrose, mannitol and glucose) for enhancement of this regeneration event. It was observed that MS media modified with 5% sucrose was found most effective for shoot bud induction and shoot regeneration from nodal explants and it ranges 22.6 shoots/explants and for leaf explant 3% sucrose was found effective with 20.6 shoots/explant. These shoots were further elongated on MS basal media without growth regulator. For getting maximum rooting these elongated shoots were transferred on MS media containing 4.9 μM IBA. The plantlets after acclimatization transferred into field with 90% survival rate. Thus the present study could be utilized for better multiplication and conservation of this important threatened species.
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Preeti Srivastava, Kavindra Nath Tiwari, Gaurava Srivastava. Effect of different carbon sources on in vitro regeneration of Brahmi Bacopa monnieri (L.) An important memory vitalizer. J Med Plants Stud 2017;5(3):202-208.
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