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2017, Vol. 5, Issue 5, Part A

Ethno-botanical evidences of common wild medicinal herbs existing on Delhi Ridge: A Checklist

Amit Pandey and Shweta Singh

Herbs are organizing a rebound and herbal "renaissance" is going on everywhere throughout the globe. The herbal items today symbolize security rather than the synthetics that are viewed as perilous to human and condition. In spite of the fact that herbs had been valued for their therapeutic, enhancing and fragrant qualities for quite a long time, the engineered results of the present day age outperformed their significance, for some time. Be that as it may, the visually impaired reliance on synthetics is finished and individuals are coming back to the naturals with any desire for wellbeing and security. It has been evaluated that in developed countries, for example, United States, plant drugs constitute as much as 25% of the aggregate medications, while in developing countries, for example, China and India, the commitment is as much as 80%. Accordingly, the monetary significance of restorative plants is a great deal more to nations, for example, India than to rest of the world. These nations give two third of the plants utilized as a part of present day arrangement of drug and the human services arrangement of country populace rely upon indigenous formulations of pharmaceutical (Marshall, 2011) [53]. The present work has been an effort to document the wild medicinal herbs found on the ridges of Delhi, India. The study has revealed the existence of 172 medicinal herbs from the five ridges of Delhi; these plants belong to 41 botanical families. Out of the documented plants 127 different genera with 162 species have been recorded.
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Amit Pandey, Shweta Singh. Ethno-botanical evidences of common wild medicinal herbs existing on Delhi Ridge: A Checklist. J Med Plants Stud 2017;5(5):46-60.
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