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2017, Vol. 5, Issue 5, Part D

Noni fruit crop is a versatile medicinal plant

BS Thorat, AR Kambale and KM Patil

Noni is an erect, mostly branched trees, shrubs, or sometimes lianas which belongs to the family Rubiaceae. The family contains about 13,500 species in 611 genera, which makes it the fourth-largest angiosperms are grown over the world. Southeast Asia and Australasia is considered as the centre of this origin. It is being cultivated in the species is now cultivated throughout the tropics and widely naturalized. Morinda Citrifolia grows extensively throughout the South Pacific. Noni is exceptionally easy to grow and withstands harsh conditions that several trees cannot. India’s noni growing states include Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Most of the Hibiscus species are used as ornamental plants. Among them Morinda Citrifolia is having certain medicinal properties. It is mainly grown for its fleshy fruit, which is the commercially valuable part of the plant. The color of the fruit plays an important role in determining the quality of juice. It is used in form of juices, powder, flavoring and coloring agent for food and drinks.
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BS Thorat, AR Kambale, KM Patil. Noni fruit crop is a versatile medicinal plant. J Med Plants Stud 2017;5(5):247-249.
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