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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies

2018, Vol. 6, Issue 2, Part A
Ethno medicinal plants used in bone fracture in Tamar block of Ranchi district of Jharkhand

Dara Singh Gupta and Ashok Kumar

Tamar Block of Ranchi District of Jharkhand has a rich diversity of medicinal plants. Population of the area has distinct traditions and taboos in their lives. Likewise, local people have certain traditions to cure prevailing human ailments. Data collection relied predominantly on qualitative tools to record the interview’s personal information and topics related to the medicinal use of specific plants. Present paper deals with the 11 (Eleven) ethno medicinal plants which are used in Bone fracture in Tamar Block of Ranchi District of Jharkhand. Firsthand information was gathered by tribal Baidhyas and knowledgeable people regarding the ethno medicinal plants, their uses, methods of drug preparations, methods of drug administration and duration of treatment. All these ethno medicinal plants were very useful to treat Bone fracture. The plant parts used varies from different plant healers to healers. Some of them uses the above parts while the others are uses the below parts. Most of the locals interviewed dealt with well-known safe medicinal plants, such as Cissus quadrangularis L., Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb., Shorea robusta Gaertn, Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) W & A. with more uses value respectively.Thus documented ethno medicinal plants are important gradient to cure the fractured Bones of the patients. These ethno medicinal plants were most important to ailments of Bone fracture. There was no any side effect recorded from the surrounding area. Hence there is a great demand to conservation of these ethno medicinal plants. These plants were distributed across 10 families and 11 genera.
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Dara Singh Gupta, Ashok Kumar. Ethno medicinal plants used in bone fracture in Tamar block of Ranchi district of Jharkhand. J Med Plants Stud 2018;6(2):40-43.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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