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2018, Vol. 6, Issue 6, Part C

Increased morphogenetic competence in Cuminum cyminum L. mediated through micronutrient manipulation

Dr. Smita Purohit

Cumin is an important medicinal, aromatic and a spice plant. It is one of the earliest known minor spices used by mankind. It is an annual herb belonging to family Apiaceae. India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of cumin where it is extensively cultivated in Rajasthan and Gujarat as a rabi crop. It is highly susceptible to Fusarium wilt, which causes considerable damage to the crop. Disease resistant cumin varieties could be developed using genetic transformation techniques, for which an efficient plant regeneration protocol is a pre- requisite. To develop an efficient and improved protocol for regeneration of cumin through micropropagation the effect of sodium molybdate (Na2MoO4) on shoot morphohgenesis from cotyledonary node explants was investigated. The explants were inoculated on MS medium supplemented with Kn (0.5mg/l), this medium was termed as ‘Induction Medium’ as supported the induction of shoot buds from cotyledonary node explants. These shoot buds were sub cultured on MS medium with same level of kinetin (0.5 mg/l) for their further multiplication, hence this medium was termed as ‘Proliferation Medium’. The Induction and Proliferation Medium were supplemented with different levels of Na2MoO4 (0, 1.03*, 5.15, 10.3, 20.6, 51.5 mM). Sodium molybdate improved shoot morphogenesis in Cuminum cyminum. Maximum differentiation of shoot buds was observed when Na2MoO4 level was raised to 20.6 mM in the induction medium and reduced to 1.03 mM in the proliferation medium.
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Dr. Smita Purohit. Increased morphogenetic competence in Cuminum cyminum L. mediated through micronutrient manipulation. J Med Plants Stud 2018;6(6):141-144.
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