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2019, Vol. 7, Issue 5, Part B

Medicinal weed diversity and ethno-medicinal weeds in Odigbo local government area, Ondo State, Nigeria

Azeez Abeeb Abiodun and Buhari Hafiz Tunji

Quests for natural sources of medicine is on the increase due to hazardous side-effects of orthodox medicine on human health. Forests and reserve areas have been the main targets of local medicine practioners since the time immemorial and this continues to pose unquantifiable threats on forest resources especially trees species whose parts are relied on for local medicine preparations. This study documented 56 medicinal weeds belonging to 49 genera and 25 families commonly used in Odigbo Local Government Area Ondo State for approximately 75 ailments. The family Amaranthaceae are commonly used for kidney diseases, gonorrhoea and inflammations, Poaceae are commonly used as fevers and cough remedies, Euphorbiacae are popular for stomach troubles, while Fabaceae are prominent for diarrhoea cures. Whole plants were commonly use for herbal preparations followed by leaves (26%) and stem (9%).
Weeds are economical plant resources and good alternative to trees species for local medicine preparations. However, their importance due to perceived unwanted nature has undermined their values in this respect. Thus, information provided in this work will not only create awareness about medicinal importance of weed but also serve as background information for research scientists who may wish to carry out research on phytochemistry or ethnomedicinal importance of these weeds.
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Azeez Abeeb Abiodun, Buhari Hafiz Tunji. Medicinal weed diversity and ethno-medicinal weeds in Odigbo local government area, Ondo State, Nigeria. J Med Plants Stud 2019;7(5):81-85.
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