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2019, Vol. 7, Issue 6, Part C

Mystical medicine and body art in Asante culture

Stephen Ababio

The study examined the role and linkage between mystical medicine and body art in the Asante community. The study adopted descriptive method of qualitative research with interviews and observation to identify the various body arts that feature in the Asante mystical medicine. Using purposive sampling technique, a sample of four communities; thirty-five (35) respondents comprising of six (6) traditional priests and priestesses, 10 spoke persons of the selected priests and priestesses, 10 devotees and 11 elderly persons who are above 60 years and are abreast with the Asante mystical therapy. The study revealed that body art is intertwine with Asante mystical medicine and without body art, Asante mystical medicine might not have come into existence at all, in that, perhaps, without the supporting body arts the supermundane beings could not have been drawn into the administration of the remedy. Since the body arts identified in the medical system are therapeutically effectual, it will be appropriate for the government to incorporate them in our medical system. These body arts can also be improved to help enhance the psychotherapy and other forms of treatment.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Stephen Ababio. Mystical medicine and body art in Asante culture. J Med Plants Stud 2019;7(6):171-174.
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