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P-ISSN: 2394-0530, E-ISSN: 2320-3862

2020, Vol. 8, Issue 3, Part A

Ethnopharmacy of Nawapatala Varthi

Abirame S, Herath HMNB, Jayawardhane AIJ, Kumara KNP, Bandara KML, Madushika KAT, Ishara SP, Jayantha Wijayabandara and Sujatha Malkanthi

Indigenous medicine defines as an inheritance of country, or a group of people. This can be different from country to country or nation to nation. With the arrival of Ayurveda medical system from india, the indigenous medical system was mixed with it and now a days, the combination of these two types of medical treatments can be seen when practicing. The indigenous medicine always has been based on culture, environment and climate etc. The significant features in indigenous medicine can be mentioned as below, less theoretical parts and more practicable parts. The medicines prepared by indigenous plants bringing of knowledge of medication from generation to generation. Special words can be seen and using of Guli, Kalka and Basna for treatments. The drug preparation methods were in certain indigenous text books. Preparation of drugs, clinical diagnosis, surgical instruments and operations, ear nose and throat diseases, eye diseases, tuberculosis, insanity, epilepsy and obstetrics and a number of other subjects of medical importance have been mentioned in that text books. Some of them are Chandramihirava, Prayoga Rathnavali, Bhesajja Manjusa, Yogaratnakara & Varayogasaraya. Vatikaprakarana is also a medical book that use even today. It is also known as the hand book of Desheeya Chikithsa. From historical point of view it is evident that drugs of Desheeya Chikithsa and procedure based therapies are exceedingly used in alleviating wide range of ocular conditions. Nawapatala Varthi is most important lepa type (external application) and it is mostly used in Desheeya Chikithsa for various types of eye diseases in various vattoru (Recipes). In this study is an attempt has been made to present the data (primary data as well secondary data) of various vattoru of Nawapatala Varthi.
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Abirame S, Herath HMNB, Jayawardhane AIJ, Kumara KNP, Bandara KML, Madushika KAT, Ishara SP, Jayantha Wijayabandara, Sujatha Malkanthi. Ethnopharmacy of Nawapatala Varthi. J Med Plants Stud 2020;8(3):52-54.
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