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2021, Vol. 9, Issue 4, Part B

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Investigation of in vitro lactogenic action of selected Angolan plants ethnobotanically described to affect human breast milk
Annekathrin M Keiler, Antje Frühauf, Anika Aderhold, Friederike Kiene, Oliver Zierau, Maria Chalkiadaki, Theodora Nikou, Maria Halabalaki, Mawunu Monizi, Christoph Neinhuis and Thea Lautenschläger
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 92-99  |  533 views  37 downloads
Evaluation the in vitro antibacterial activity of acetone leaf extracts from Pistacia lentiscus against multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus
Aml O Alhadad, Maraia F Elmhdwi, Galal S Salem and Sarah M Elshareef
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 100-105  |  301 views  12 downloads
Effect of coir pith compost in agriculture
Dr. V Prakash, Dr. JR Kavitha, R Kamaleshwaran, P Prabharan and Dr. S Alagendran
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 106-110  |  319 views  18 downloads
Combretum albidum G. Don: An unexplored medicinal plant
Mrinal Sharma, Pradeep Golani, Mayur Bhurat, Sanjay Nagdev, Himani Jaisinghani, Mayur Jain, Gaurav Mude and Amitkumar Dhankani
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 111-113  |  341 views  9 downloads
Natural remedies: For gastroesophageal reflux disease
Kashish Bhardwaj and Ladli Kishore
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 114-118  |  300 views  14 downloads
Beneficial effect of micro irrigation in the field
Dr. V Prakash, Dr. JR Kavitha, R Kamaleshwaran, P Prabharan and Dr. S Alagendran
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 119-121  |  264 views  6 downloads
Evaluation of the anti-radical activity of methanolic and aqueous extracts of stem, stem bark and leaves of Waltheria indica by scavenging the free radical cation ABTS
N’Negue ÉP Mezui-Mbeng MA, Lendoye E, Nguema Edzang RW, Ella Ndong JG, Mambimba C and Ngo-Thjam E Ngou-Milama E
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 122-128  |  316 views  15 downloads
Effects of repeated administration of butanolic fraction of Blighia unijugata Bak. (Sapindaceae) leaves on some haematological parameters in wistar rats
N'dia Kouadio Frédéric, Gnangoran Boua Narcisse, Goze Nomane Bernard and Yapo Angoué Paul
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 129-135  |  333 views  5 downloads
Cote D'Ivoire
Ethnobotanical inventory of medicinal plants used by specialists in the treatment and cure of diseases in riverside communities in the amazon
Rhayssa dos Santos Amorin, Bruno Vilela Faller and Iselino Nogueira Jardim
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 136-146  |  356 views  19 downloads
Study of Passiflora incarnata Alone and with Asparagus Racemosus for Anxiolytic Activity in Mice
Pradnya Nilesh Jagtap, Omkar Sanjay Mhetre
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 147-156  |  291 views  9 downloads
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