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2021, Vol. 9, Issue 5, Part A

Miraculous medicinal properties of Bamboo: a Review

Bijaylaxmi Das, Pankaj Kumar Singh and Julius Munna

The bamboo is a most important plant of the grasses family Gramineae (Poaceae) with subfamily Bambusoideae. Bamboo is the second harvest plant after the China, making up nearly 12.5% of forest covered by Bamboo. The diversity of bamboos in the world is approximately 1400 species with 116 genera. Now there is 11.4 million hectare areas of bamboo covered in India. Out of that 129 species with 18 genera are found in India. In India there are 98 bamboo species found only in North east. In many properties of bamboo, one of the most important properties is the treatment of incurable diseases. The bamboos are considered phlegm, calming, cooling, resolving. In ancient times, Chinese books were written on slats of bamboo and since ancient times, bamboo has been used as a great source of medicine. Therefore it is now necessary to review the medicinal properties of bamboo.
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Bijaylaxmi Das, Pankaj Kumar Singh, Julius Munna. Miraculous medicinal properties of Bamboo: a Review . J Med Plants Stud 2021;9(5):28-30.
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