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2022, Vol. 10, Issue 1, Part A

Clinical potency of abhyanga in Katigraha

Dr. Ram Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Rachna Jain and Dr. Smita Paul

Katigraha is a Vata Nanatmaja Vyadhi described by Acharya Sharangadhara. In the Brahatraies, there have not explained the Katigraha as a separate Roga. We tracked down brief portrayal of Katigraha as a Roga with its Nidana, Lakshana and Chikitsa in Bhavaprakasha Ama Vatadhikara and Gadanigraha Vatavyadhi adhikara. Here it is clarified as a condition described by Shula (Pain) and Stambha (confined developments) of Kati (Low Back) brought about by Shuddha or Sama Vayu and Kapha-avarodha.
Analyzing the Samprapti reveals that the clinical manifestation of this Roga occurs due to the morbid Vata Dosha or the combination of Vata and Kapha. As we contemplated Katigraha of Vata Kapha origin and the Snehana procedure by virtue of its unctuous quality is likely to worsen the imbalance of Kapha dosha. Snehana or Abhyanga is a most important Bahirparimarjana Karma and a type of Bahya Snehana which helps to do Vasodilatation of Veins and Blood Vessels. Abhyanga has to be performed with Ghrita, Taila, Vasa and Majja or any other suitable Sneha. The easy availability of Sneha or Taila and good effects over Dosha Mardavata, Abhyanga with Taila is more preferred.
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Dr. Ram Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Rachna Jain, Dr. Smita Paul. Clinical potency of abhyanga in Katigraha. J Med Plants Stud 2022;10(1):17-22.
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