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P-ISSN: 2394-0530, E-ISSN: 2320-3862

2022, Vol. 10, Issue 1, Part B

Impact of Surya Chikitsa on health-evidence based medicine

Dr. Bishnupriya Mohanty, Lewanskey Barreto and Dr. Sangram Keshari Das

Sun is the all source of power. The continuous interaction within atmosphere and biosphere maintain the see saw of health. Among many different factors in atmosphere Sun is very important and exclusive one to control endocrinal secretion, to control nervous system and to keep the human system alert. This study was conducted across the people to access the impact of Surya Chikitsa (heliotherapy) on health. Heliotherapy is the use of natural sunlight for the treatment of certain skin conditions. It is a form of phototherapy. It is also called climate therapy. In contrast people now a day’s using Air conditioned room and car which are artificial and not good for health. Therefore one another part of the study was also to know the impact of Air-conditioning on health. For this purpose, the survey was conducted on online Google form mode between male and female of age between 12 to 75 years. A valid questionnaire was provided for them to answer. The impact of exposure to sunlight and AC (air conditioned artificial atmosphere) was observed. Also some problems related to the exposure to sunlight and AC was observed.
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Dr. Bishnupriya Mohanty, Lewanskey Barreto, Dr. Sangram Keshari Das. Impact of Surya Chikitsa on health-evidence based medicine. J Med Plants Stud 2022;10(1):136-138.
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