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2022, Vol. 10, Issue 5, Part B

Panchakarma in jwara: Critical review

Ashutosh Chaturvedi and Jennifer P

Background: Jwara is the lord among all the diseases as it afflicts body, sense organs and mind. Jwara is considered to be rasa pradoshaja vikara. The main goal of chikitsa is to achieve dosha and dhatu samyatha. The doshas get aggravated even after laghana and pachana but with sodhana never reoccurs. Chikitsa involving Panchakarma procedures helps in managing any vyadhi and for this the knowledge of avastha in jwara is required.
Aims and Objectives: The article aims at giving an insight of Panchakarma procedures in jwara.
Discussion: Any methods adopted in alleviating dosha is considered to be chikitsa. The plan of chikitsa must be in accordance with different factors like dosha, desha, bala, prakruthi, kala, avastha etc. In the vyadhi of jwara, avasthanusara chikitsa would be appropriate in managing the vyadhi
Conclusion: Panchakarma procedures helps in non-recurrence of vyadhi. Depending on the avastha of the jwara, Panchakarma like vamana, Virechana, basti and nasya can be utilized.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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