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2023, Vol. 11, Issue 5, Part A

Leaf architectural studies: A valuable identification tool for quality assurance

Kiran Negi and Ghazala Javed

Quality control and standardization of the drug is a dire need today. The raw materials brought into the market in various forms are frequently adulterated with cheap or less potent plant materials. Some greedy manufacturers in order to achieve maximum profit utilize these plants and their products to prepare spurious and unbalanced therapeutic formulations which prove to be ineffective to cure any ailment. Hence proper identification and authentication of a plant material is a must.
Syzygiumm cumini (Linn.) Skeel (Family: Myrtaceae) commonly called Jamun, Jaman, Kalajam or Black Plum is known for its many therapeutic uses. Almost all the parts of the plant are used in Unani System of Medicine. Literature survey indicates that the extract of Jamun leaf possess moderate antibiotic activities. The juice of tender leaf is given in diarrhea and dysentery and its ash is used for strengthening the teeth and gums.
Present paper deals with leaf architectural studies with special reference to Jamun leaf. The main aspects of the study are detailed macro and microscopical studies besides quantitative studies such as stomatal number, stomatal index, palisade ratio, vein-islet-number, surface studies of abaxial and adaxial surface etc. All these characters will be helpful in authentic identification and quality assurance.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Kiran Negi, Ghazala Javed. Leaf architectural studies: A valuable identification tool for quality assurance. J Med Plants Stud 2023;11(5):50-54.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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