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2024, Vol. 12, Issue 1, Part B

A role of nasal in the raputic management

Siddhiraj More, Abhishek Desai and Nilesh Chougule

Nasal medication administration has become a key point of research due to its convenience, reliability, and encouraging future for the systemic delivery of medication. This method proves particularly beneficial for individuals with limited oral efficacy, requiring injection for optimal effectiveness. In comparison to alternative non-invasive drug administration systems, the nasal route boasts distinct advantages. This comprehensive review delves into various aspects of nasal delivery systems, providing an in-depth exploration of their potential and limitations. This review's goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the nasal medication delivery system by covering a wide range of subjects. These include elucidations on the benefits and restrictions of nasal medication administration, the intricate mechanisms underlying drug absorption through the nasal cavity, the anatomical features of the nasal cavity influencing drug delivery, important elements influencing nasal medication absorption and techniques used to improve absorption. In addition, the paper addresses methods for prolonging the half-life of medication formulations in the nasal cavity, which enhances absorption in general. It explores novel medication compositions, various kinds of nasal drug delivery devices, and their uses in the treatment of various diseases. Additionally, the review encompasses recent advancements in nasal delivery methods, providing insight into the most recent advancements in this area. By covering these many aspects, the study hopes to provide a thorough resource for scholars, professionals, and hobbyists interested in understanding the intricacies of nasal drug delivery, thereby contributing to the ongoing dialogue and progress in this important area of pharmaceutical research.
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Siddhiraj More, Abhishek Desai, Nilesh Chougule. A role of nasal in the raputic management. J Med Plants Stud 2024;12(1):105-111.
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