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2017, Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part B

Paradigm of social awareness through Medicinal Plants Board: A laudable approach

Debasmita Ghosh Dhar

Looking at the world’s biodiversity record, India is strongly recognized as one of the big part of species richness with the special responses towards bouncing in medicinal plants. For this accountability, India has relatively high approaches in medicinal plants which are non-narcotic, devoid of side-effects and ultimately demanding for safeguarding health standards. Care over the spinning way of natural resources, National Medicinal Plants Board has taken vital steps to encourage its awareness among people for prompt and wonderful success. This excellent initiative came out through State Medicinal Plants Board where the funding was formally handed over to different non-government organizations (NGOs) as programmer for a more ambitious target area of work. The exciting phase unfolded with the choice of three more available medicinal species of West Bengal namely ‘Haritaki’, ‘Bohera’ and ‘Bael’ along their potential benefits and the whole awareness programme was entitled as ‘1st Phase of Haritaki, Bohera & Bael Programme’. The awareness programme featured a wide variety of people covering vast societal levels- from rural to urban, Anganwadi to Self-Help Group, students to local entities with the clutch of implementation. Amid the programmer some NGOs’ performances were thriving and fabricating where others tumble and left discordant note of performance. However, the total arrangement contributed a good stead over and should be explored furthermore in coherent set of policies capturing prolific and palliative approaches towards medicinal plants of our country.
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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