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2023, Vol. 11, Issue 1, Part C

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
To compare sulphur 1x, 2x and 3x from crude sulphur along with sugar of milk with microscopic study and FTIR
Dr. GS Chakraborthy, Dheda Pratham B, Pratham Gurjar B, Revasiya Abidali A, Dr. Suraj Singh Bhadoria, Dr. Monimala Pramanick, Dr. Mayank Roy, Dr. Poorav Desai and Tejas kumar Bhatt
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 169-174  |  28 views  13 downloads
Effect of an auxin-like herbicide 2,4-dichloro phenoxy acetic acid on proline content of mesquite (Prosopis juliflora Swarz) DC
Eltayeb Ahmed Hamad Suliman, Salah Eltom Elamin and Sayda Omer Elhewairis
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 175-179  |  45 views  11 downloads
The effects of ajwain, Trachyspermum ammi, on the contractile behavior in isolated uterine smooth muscle tissue from Mus musculus
Benjamin Stephens and Teresa DeGolier
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 180-183  |  18 views  7 downloads
An ethnomedicinal survey among the Manipuri tribe in Maulvibazar district, Bangladesh
Sabnam Roy Suma and Mohammed Rahmatullah
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 184-190  |  61 views  10 downloads
Medicinal wild herbs diversity and its uses by tribals of Hadoti region, India
Dr. Ankita Choudhary, Dr. Poonam Sharma, Dr. Shivali Kharoliwal and Dr. Mridula Khandelwal
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 191-194  |  22 views  7 downloads
Artificial photosynthesis a brief literature review
Connor Atkinson
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 195-199  |  87 views  22 downloads
United Kingdom
An ethnomedicinal survey on folk medicinal uses of plants in eastern Madhupur region of Pabna District, Bangladesh
Ifrat Jahan Anu, Rownak Jahan, ABM Anwarul Bashar and Mohammed Rahmatullah
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 200-207  |  19 views  1 downloads
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