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P-ISSN: 2394-0530, E-ISSN: 2320-3862

2023, Vol. 11, Issue 1, Part B

S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Evaluation of the hydro-alcohol extract of Cola lepidota (K Schum) (Sterculiaceae) against urease enzyme for sustainable health and agronomy
Grace Nyekachi Amadi, Ozadheoghene Eriarie Afieroho, Mikailu Suleiman, Lambert Okwubie and Kio Anthony Abo
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 84-88  |  488 views  172 downloads
Effect of potting media, time of collection of planting material, type of cuttings and auxin in bud sprouting and rooting of A. malaccensis Lamk: The most economically important tree species of north eastern region
Papori Phukan Borpuzari, Ellora Dutta Borah, Runumi Devi Borthakur and Rajib Kumar Borah
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 89-98  |  317 views  102 downloads
Floristic composition and distribution of weeds in different crop ecosystems of Raipur (Chhattisgarh), India
Ajay Kumar Verma
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 99-104  |  425 views  222 downloads
In vitro regeneration, flowering and seed formation from leaf explants of Celsia coromandeliana (Scrophulariaceae)
Vidya Bharti, Shobha Gupta and Rajshree Pandey
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 105-108  |  351 views  140 downloads
Formulation of Arnica montana glycerol from standard Arnica montana mother tincture under UV: Visible spectrophotometer
Jepar Pratik Bharat, Dr. Monimala Pramanick, Dr. Mayank Roy, Dr. Suraj Singh Bhadoria, Dr. Poorav Desai and Dr. Vijay De Kele
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 109-112  |  537 views  309 downloads
Trade and consumption of bitters, alcoholic macerates, in the district of Abidjan (southern Côte d'Ivoire)
Kouassi G Kouassi, Djah F Malan, Kouakou L Kouakou, Amadou L Diop and Amani L Litta
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 113-125  |  501 views  271 downloads
Cote D'Ivoire
Therapeutic uses of Vitex negundo leaves in glycaemia control
Sandeep Kumar, Eti Sharma and Gunjan Garg
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 126-129  |  745 views  417 downloads
Evaluation of antioxidant and antibacterial potential poly herbal skin care cream
Hemant Kumar Sharma and Abhinay Kumar Dwivedi
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 130-134  |  428 views  152 downloads
To prepare cantharis glycerol at different ratio with UV visible spectrophotometer and FTIR
Dr. Suraj Singh Bhadoria, Chauhan Hareshsinh Harjibhai, Parmar Vasant kumar Ganpat Sinh, Dr. Monimala Pramanick, Dr. PS Mandal, Dr. Mayank Roy, Dr. GS Chakroborthy, Dr. Poorav Desai and Tejas Kumar Bhatt
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 135-139  |  312 views  101 downloads
Pteridophytes diversity of Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh India
Vaishalee Thakur and Anoop Singh Baghel
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 140-143  |  346 views  140 downloads
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