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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies

2017, Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part A
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Traditional herbal medicines for the treatment of snake bite and scorpion sting by the Paliyar’s tribes of Sathuragiri hills
K Aadhan and SP Anand
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 01-05  |  1467 views  154 downloads
Analgesic and non-ulcerogenic activities of the aqueous extract of the aerial parts of Eremomastax speciosa Hochst (Acanthaceae) in mice
Mezui Christophe, Tchinda Fokoua Serges Herve, Amang Andre Perfusion, Malepa Meda Ginette Blanche and Tan Paul
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 06-10  |  1161 views  50 downloads
Diversity of ethno-medicinal plant: A case study of Bageshwar district Uttarakhand
Naveen Chandra Pandey, Deepika Bhatt, Deepshikha Arya, Neha Chopra, Brij Mohan Upreti, G. C. Joshi and Lalit M. Tewari
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 11-24  |  1373 views  91 downloads
Comparative standardization study of two marketed Ayurvedic formulations of Hingwashtak Churna
Kute Vaishali, M Shruti, Mavoori Praharsha, Machiraju Jagadeeswari and Lakkaraju Mounika
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 25-28  |  1397 views  51 downloads
Botanical and phytochemical constituents of several medicinal plants from mount Klabat north Minahasa
Eva Nonke Sherly Kaunang and Mokosuli Yermia Semuel
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 29-35  |  1226 views  57 downloads
Comparison of intensity and percolation of traditional knowledge of Calotropis procera and Calotropis gigantea in rural area of Kurukshetra district, Haryana- A survey
Savita Rani, Gajendra Singh and Neelu Sood
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 36-38  |  1131 views  32 downloads
Medicinal plants used for treatment of diabetes by traditional practitioners in the markets of Abidjan district in Côte d'Ivoire
Konkon NG, Ouatara D, Kpan WB and Kouakou TH
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 39-48  |  1369 views  81 downloads
Côte d’Ivoire
Types and availability of ayurvedic medicine in selected areas of Dhaka city, Bangladesh
Meher Nowrose, BM Rabiul Islam, Mohammad Abu Bin Nyeem, Mohammad Nurruzzaman, Md. Ismail Hossain and Jesmin Akhter
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 49-53  |  1531 views  29 downloads
The antibacterial and synergistic potential of some Palestinian plant extracts against multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Tarek A El-Bashiti, Emad Abou Elkhair and Wesam S Abu Draz
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 54-65  |  1249 views  52 downloads
Study of climatology of area of Vindhyan region (M.P.) for wild pteridophytes
Anamika Pathak, Naveen Gaurav, Anoop Singh, Arun Kumar and AP Singh
J. Med. Plants. Stud.  |  pages: 66-70  |  1080 views  32 downloads
Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies
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